CNE sells only high-quality, fully tested and warranty-backed products to distributors around the world. Our commitment to fair and transparent dealings with suppliers of used and surplus equipment means a ready stock of high-quality inventory for volume technology buyers.

High-Quality Products

CNE is committed to selling high-quality IT products, and we back that commitment with a full warranty. Before we ready inventory for sale, we put all products through our proprietary process of end-to-end quality assurance testing and inspection, ensuring that technology buyers receive the quality products they expect.

Ready Stock of Inventory

CNE’s relationships with major global brands and corporations, paired with our advanced ability to refurbish, repair, and inspect IT assets, enables us to offer a consistent and ample inventory of quality IT equipment buyers worldwide, including:

  • Motherboards and graphics cards
  • HDDs
  • LCD displays and monitors
  • Media equipment
  • CPUs and chipsets
  • Mobile devices, such as cell phones, phablets, tablets and e-readers
  • And more

Global Network of Partners

From some of the world’s most recognized brands, to smaller companies and organizations across various verticals, CNE maintains strong partnerships with a vast network of international IT buyers and sellers throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

CNE’s extensive knowledge of IT equipment, international markets, current market conditions and historical trends allows us to reach the right buyers and move inventory quickly. CNE’s expertise and agility offers a beneficial solution to both buyers and sellers, while our reputation for transparency, quality, and value has made us an industry leader. We know that our business reflects the businesses of our partners, and we build our partnerships on a foundation of trust.

A Commitment to the Environment

At CNE our commitment to the environment is a top priority and we operate under a Zero-Landfill policy, supporting the belief that it is unacceptable to simply dismantle IT devices and ship the remnants to a landfill for crude disposal.

CNE provides a solution to SMBs and large organizations dealing with increasing amounts of “e-waste.”  We’re trusted by major OEMs and ODMs, component makers, service providers, enterprise IT organizations, carriers, content providers and other ITAD partners around the world to make the environmentally responsible disposition and purchase of high-quality used and surplus technology goods more secure, less complex and more beneficial for all of our clients.

Working with CNE

CNE Direct helps the world’s most recognized brands realize maximum value recovery from their storage assets, securely and responsibly. Our superior ability to rehabilitate IT storage media and our reputation as a trusted supplier to distributors around the world translate to maximum investment recovery for our partners.

Interested in working with CNE? Contact us for an up-to-the-minute look at our inventory of HDDs, LCDs, motherboards, networking equipment, consumer electronics and much more.