Retrieve Assets From Field Locations 


CNE manages the entire reverse logistics process for a global broadband consumer business.

We teamed with a client to set up all logistics operations with multiple collection sites. The client needed to collect all set top boxes (STB’s) that are issued to customers to allow customers to connect to cable services. We handle all material flows, extraction of hard disk drives (HDD), erasure of all data, re-marketing and resale of HDD, and recycling of scrap materials through R2 certified downstream vendors.

We deliver creative solutions for our clients.

Due to regulatory requirements, the client needed to retrieve all devices from the field. Collecting devices from consumers in rural and remote locations is extremely expensive. CNE developed a creative program to solve this issue for the client. We designed a unique protective shipping bag, mailer correspondence instructing the customer on how to return the equipment, and teamed with the client's IT department to create databases of consumer addresses targeted for retrieval.

We created a special program with the US Postal Service (USPS) where the bags containing STB’s are palletized, aggregated, and returned to CNE for processing. CNE negotiated favorable shipping rates with the USPS to substantially reduce the cost of retrieving this equipment from the field. The total cost of retrieval was reduced by 73% and the program (“CNE Mailer Program”) has been extremely successful for the client.