Intelligent Maintenance Programs 

Data driven approach to monitoring and maintaining equipment. 


CNE’s digital asset management system makes planning, executing, and tracking maintenance programs easy and transparent, right from initial hardware deployment.  

IT Departments are tasked with getting the most out of their investments but at the same time they are often understaffed, under resourced, and struggling with a never-ending internal priority list.

Optimize asset holding periods…from the start.

Our system captures relevant asset and configuration information and identifies the timeline for maintenance scheduling, parts replacement, and ultimate asset disposition.  User defined maintenance requirements are supplemented by CNE’s historical component lifecycle database providing visibility into hold periods, asset depreciation trend lines, and resale values.

CNE's SaaS-based digital platform also provides valuable information about systemwide availability of spare parts, allowing for supply balancing between locations.  If specific parts are available in a data center in Virginia, but needed in a data center in London, CNE identifies the product match and allows the client to redeploy the excess parts rather than going into the market to purchase additional supply.


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