Paul Knight

Founder & Chairman

Paul began his career in technology distribution in 1988 when he established the international sales division for NECX (now Converge- an Arrow Electronics Company).

PaulKnight-smallHis focus was, and has always been, helping companies manage the challenges resulting from rapid changes in supply and demand for electronic products worldwide. Paul helped lead NECX through ten years of rapid growth ultimately taking responsibility for the company’s entire trading operation which reached over $400M in revenue.

In 2002 Paul and his business partner began to formulate a plan intended to help large companies “repurpose” their inventories of excess and obsolete IT hardware by finding alternative uses in developing countries around the world. Material that may have otherwise ended up as electronic waste- was directed to different channels that needed computing technology at an affordable price.

Over the years, Paul and his team have developed programs to assist some of the world’s largest technology companies like Hewlett Packard, Sony, and Apple to find alternative channels for their trailing edge technology and help reduce their carbon footprint. Paul is a 1985 graduate of the Isenberg School of Management at UMASS Amherst and holds a Certificate of Foreign Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo (1986).



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