Omur Bagci

Chief Executive Officer

Omur BagciOmur Bagci is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at CNE Direct, responsible for the organization’s strategic direction, vision, growth, and performance. Leading the sales, solutions development, and operations teams worldwide, Omur is the architect behind CNE Direct’s lifecycle management solutions.

As a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in solving complex supply chain challenges, Omur is known in the industry for driving brand growth, operational excellence and developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Prior to his role as CEO, Omur held the positions of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President at CNE. Omur also served as Vice President at Arrow Electronics, responsible for driving strategy and growth for their Services division.

Trained and educated in Physics, Computational Physics and Astrophysics, Omur is very comfortable analyzing large datasets to develop models to help solve complex problems. Transferring this unique analytical skillset to reverse supply chain management, Omur has consistently differentiated and achieved exponential growth through digital innovation supported by scientific execution and data analysis.


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