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Lifecycle Management - Recover

Properly Manage the Recovery and Disposition of IT Assets

IT Lifecycle Management - Recover

CNE partners with leading enterprise companies, major OEMs, and ODMs around the world to provide a full suite of IT lifecycle recovery strategies. For these stakeholders, the most challenging phase of the IT lifecycle is managing the asset recovery and disposition of retired assets.

With the global e-waste stream increasing, more innovative and sustainable tactics are necessary to reduce the amount of e-waste being produced, while supporting reuse strategies. In many instances, there is an opportunity to reuse and remarket refurbished equipment to a new set of technology users thus creating a circular economy.

At CNE our primary focus is on reuse, with asset recovery strategies tailored to meet an organization’s individual needs − helping to protect their brand and bottom line with sustainability in mind.

CNE’s IT Lifecycle recovery solutions include:

•  IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
•  Data Center Decommissioning
•  Customer Returns
•  Excess & Obsolete
•  Global Remarketing
•  Ecommerce
•  Chip Harvesting & Reballing
•  Recycling

IT Asset Disposition Services
As a global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider, CNE delivers safe, secure, and compliant IT asset disposition services that recover value for used and surplus IT equipment. CNE’s ITAD services include full chain-of-custody solutions that encompass logistics management, secure data erasure, remarketing, and recycling.

In addition, CNE’s IT Asset Disposition services help organizations manages devices regardless of location − if an employee is office based, hybrid, or remote − providing seamless logistics and tracking for each asset.

Data Center Decommissioning
CNE specializes in product decommissions and large data center decommission projects – from small local on-premises data centers to larger, complex data center de-installation projects that require global scale. CNE can tackle the most challenging and comprehensive product and data center decommissioning project − providing sustainability, security, and value to the customer.

Customer Returns & Reverse Logistics
CNE works with OEMs and ODMs to help them manage their product returns and reverse logistics. In many cases, these products are fully functional or require minor repairs or updates. We evaluate each item, test, and repair, if necessary, and wipe storage devices to ensure a high level of data security. Reconditioned items are then resold as refurbished equipment to recover maximum value.

Excess & Obsolete Inventory Management
The value of excess and obsolete inventory can fluctuate quickly, depending upon the item or commodity, often losing value while the material sits idle on a shelf as unsold inventory. With new technology continuously being introduced, the velocity of turning surplus electronic components and finished systems into recovered value is critical. CNE offers flexible approaches to move excess and obsolete materials that help reduce costs, increase returns, and drive recovery revenue – all within a full suite of solutions that are competitive, sustainable, and scalable in virtually any environment or geography.

Global Remarketing
The strength of CNE’s remarketing capabilities is our global client footprint. Our experienced sales professionals are strategically located in offices throughout Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and The Americas, forming an integrated global network that create price and volume sales opportunities to maximize velocity and value for clients.

Combined with our proprietary systems, we track global business intelligence, trade, and market demand data, to provide clients with unique insights into how they can maximize the resale value of their IT assets in the global marketplace.

Ecommerce establishes an innovative sales channel allowing for an exponentially larger audience to purchase refurbished and used electronics direct. Ecommerce channels include leveraging affiliate programs for well-known platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Back Market and more, where anyone online can purchase a refurbished device.

CNE utilizes an innovative hybrid model that connects ecommerce and wholesale for the resale of refurbished and used electronic equipment. This approach ultimately presents customers with a deeper distribution channel while presenting the best opportunities to recover value based upon an organization’s individual needs.

Chip Harvesting & Reballing
In some instances, reclaiming or harvesting chips from unwanted equipment may make economic sense due to semiconductor and/or material shortages. CNE can work to recover critical components based upon a client’s individual requirements. CNE can also offer reball services for valuable ICs currently soldered onto circuit boards. The process involves heating the solder holding the chip in place until it can be safely removed from the board. This is typically completed with a hot-air gun and vacuum pickup tool to safely remove and clean any remaining solder from the component's pads before new solder balls are applied. Reballed chips are rigorously tested to ensure functionality and integrity and properly repackaged and marketed for reuse.

For materials that no longer hold resale value or cannot be reused and remarketed, CNE sustainably recycles through our R2 certified downstream partners, following our zero-landfill policy. CNE is certified to the Sustainable Electronics Reuse & Recycling (R2) v3 standard (R2V3) that certifies CNE has been audited and in compliance with the requirements for downstream vendor management, data sanitization, brokering, and testing & repair of used IT equipment and components.

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