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Lifecycle Management - Build

Build, Track, and Deploy IT Hardware With Greater Speed and Efficiency

IT Lifecycle Management - Build

Build, track, and deploy IT hardware with greater speed and efficiency with CNE’s IT lifecycle management solutions. Designed for today’s modern work environment, our IT lifecycle management solutions leverage the latest technology, best practices, and sustainable approaches to best serve your organization.

Ensure the right IT hardware, equipment, and devices are fully configured and delivered to your employees, when needed, to increase your overall business productivity and ROI.

CNE’s IT lifecycle build solutions includes:

•  Equipment refurbishment and reconfiguration
•  Software imaging and installation
•  Asset management
•  End-user delivery

Equipment Refurbishment and Reconfiguration
CNE can custom configure and build business systems and network devices based on your businesses requirements and configuration. We also refurbish client devices and data center equipment to redeploy back into your organization in exchange if a device failure occurs. This approach reduces costly downtime, while providing valuable savings over acquiring new equipment.

If equipment is no longer needed, CNE can manage the recovery of devices − promoting a reuse strategy that resells equipment in the secondary market.

Software Imaging and Installation
CNE is a Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) for genuine Microsoft licensed software. Our team is authorized to reimage and/or install genuine Microsoft 10 or Microsoft 11 operating system software, as well as support software such as Microsoft Office. CNE also has the capability to capture existing corporate licenses on retired equipment and repurpose on refurbished devices for redeployment back into your organization.

If your organization requires customized software installation, CNE can manage installations and assist with tracking your corporate licenses in our asset management system.

Asset Management
CNE can simplify the management of devices deployed throughout an organization. Our proprietary SaaS based IT system tracks and manages devices throughout your organization, regardless if employees are office based, hybrid, or working from home − providing records of the location and assignment for each device.

In addition, by leveraging our business intelligence reporting, CNE can cross-check market demand with your deployed inventory of devices to identify potential opportunities to retire equipment early, recovering additional value for your organization.

End-user Delivery
CNE can deliver custom configured equipment directly to your IT department for internal distribution or can manage equipment delivery direct to employees. Whether your employees are office based, hybrid or remote, CNE can project manage the distribution and tracking of equipment efficiently and effectively.

Why choose CNE?
Building, tracking, and deploying IT equipment does not need to be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Leverage CNE’s expertise and systems to help manage your teams complex supply chain and IT lifecycle challenges.


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