CNE bridges the divide between our customers and buyers of high-quality refurbished technology components. Our global scale, trusted proprietary processes and uncompromising environmental standards let you recover maximum value from your technology assets while protecting your data and your brand. Complete documentation and transparency mean you’ll always know exactly what happens to your equipment.


Recover Maximum Value from Used and Surplus IT Assets


Burgeoning secondary markets for refurbished technology assets have transformed the traditional view of IT Asset Disposition and recycling from business expense to revenue opportunity. Organizations can now take advantage of so-called revenue “clawback” to recoup value from their IT investments where once there was only waste and cost.

CNE is a trusted ITAD provider that expertly handles both decommissioning and reselling. We can get large batches of price-sensitive components resulting in lower costs, less depreciation and higher return. When working with us, business leaders and IT decision makers can safely and securely turn a traditional cost center into a valuable revenue stream that can be used to reinvest in infrastructure upgrades and new IT initiatives.

Don’t Let Valuable IT Assets become Liabilities


Businesses take millions of tons of serviceable electronic equipment offline every year. Those assets still have value, but only if they are handled properly. Potential liabilities involving data security, the environment, regulatory compliance and risk management can threaten your business and limit your ability to recoup IT investments from used and surplus equipment.

CNE is an ITAD specialist that delivers maximum asset recovery of your used and surplus IT storage media while keeping your business safe, secure and compliant. We work with major OEMs and ODMs, component makers, service providers, enterprise IT organizations, carriers, content providers and other ITAD partners around the world to make the environmentally responsible disposition and purchase of high-quality used and surplus technology goods more secure, less complex and more beneficial for all of our clients.

Working with CNE


When you choose CNE, you’ll be working with a partner that is committed to doing its part to protect your reputation and the earth we all share. Our commitment to security, quality and the environment guarantee you maximum value from your IT assets without the risk and uncertainty.

Interested in working with CNE? Talk to one of our market analysts now to find out what your IT assets could be worth through cash buyout or consignment with CNE.