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Data Center Decommissioning

Recover Value From Your Retired Data Center Equipment

Data Center Hardware Decommissioning Services

CNE specializes in data center decommissioning projects from the smallest local data center to larger, multi-faceted de-installation projects that require global scale. CNE can tackle the most challenging and comprehensive data center decommission or data center ITAD project.

CNE Utilizes our own employees throughout the data center decommissioning process.

Onsite, hardware decommissioning projects are carefully managed by CNE employees. Devices are carefully removed, recorded, expertly packaged, and transported via secure carrier to a CNE facility for processing. As an added level of protection, CNE offers onsite data sanitization and destruction (also know as data overwriting), as needed, for the most data sensitive projects.

CNE is a data center decommissioning company. We pride ourselves upon providing complete chain-of-custody and transparency throughout the duration of the project. Data center decommissions are supported by our global proprietary tracking system where clients have access 24/7 to live information and tracking to monitor the progress during each phase of the project.

Once decommissioned hardware from data centers are securely wiped and tested, we leverage our market knowledge and business intelligence to recover maximum recovery value for your assets. Decommissioned hardware is remarketed through our global network for the best outcome, combining economic recovery with best-in-class sustainability. This includes sales of complete systems, components, and any recycled raw materials, supporting a data center hardware circular economy.

For materials that do not hold value, assets are responsibly recycled with R2 downstream certified providers with raw materials returned to the circular economy following CNE’s sustainable zero landfill policy.

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