Storage is in our DNA. We’re experts in the collection, grading, rehabilitation and resale of used and surplus IT storage, especially hard disk drives in all formats and from all major HDD manufacturers, including Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba.

These devices may come from PCs, enterprise servers and mass-storage units, peripherals, set-top boxes, mobile devices or excess stock, but all receive the same rigorous testing and grading and are securely wiped of all data to strict NIST 800-88 standards.

Regardless of a drive’s origin or history, our global distribution partners rely on us to deliver only top-quality, warranty-backed HDDs, so you know you’re getting maximum residual value for your IT investments when you work with CNE. 

Maximize HDD Asset-Value Recovery

Disposal of used and surplus HDDs no longer needs to be a hardship on your organization’s bottom line. Due to thriving secondary markets for refurbished storage media like HDDs, asset-value recovery is an opportunity worth examining. The trick is getting the right equipment to the right market at just the right time. That’s where CNE comes into play.

We are an authority on the handling, testing, repair and resale of HDDs and our asset-value recovery solution provides maximum value to our clients. Our facility is optimized to handle IT storage media like HDDs and we employ a proprietary, two-stage repair cycle that allows us to repair, refurbish and resell nearly every unit we receive.

Our international reach and deep relationships across Asia, Europe and the Americas allow us to manage the flow of HDDs from any location. We analyze current market conditions and can move price-sensitive components like your data storage quickly at the best market value. Our experience and agility result in lower costs, less depreciation and higher return for our clients.

Our Advanced Capabilities for Handling HDDs

We have advanced capabilities for HDD data erasure, testing, remapping, grading and reselling. Our proprietary software systems are able to:

  • Erase to NIST 800-88 standards
  • Diagnose the quality of each HDD sector
  • Remap bad sectors when possible
  • Detect Power-On Hours (POH)
  • Produce detailed reports

Working with CNE

When you choose CNE, you’ll be working with a partner that is committed to doing its part to protect your reputation and the earth we all share. Our commitment to security, quality and the environment guarantee you maximum value from your IT assets without the risk and uncertainty.

Interested in working with CNE? Talk to one of our market analysts now to find out what your HDDs assets could be worth through cash buyout or consignment with CNE.