E&O Management 

You have excess, we have solutions 

Despite AI and other advances in production planning; excess & obsolete material is inevitable. 

CNE’s experience helps recover the maximum value for every asset.  

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with excess volumes of inventory. CNE’s network of OEMs, ODMs, and end users helps us tackle a variety of inventory challenges. Our experience helps us control maximize price points for our client’s assets as compared to their competitors.

Flexible business models include:

  • Outright Purchase- single line item or entire lot 
  • Shared Revenue- with upfront market analysis and guaranteed minimum value recovery
  • Custom Programs-designed to meet your unique needs   


CNE specializes in commodity trade. This allows us to provide market data to clients. We carefully track existing trade and demand data from multiple outlets around the world to be able to provide our clients with insight on the market for their excess and obsolete inventory. 

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Excess Inventory Value Recovery