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Excess & Obsolete Inventory Management

Excess & Obsolete Inventory Management

Organizations in every industry are realizing the importance of improving their reverse supply chain. In doing so, they are reviewing procedures and introducing best practices to create new revenue streams by properly managing their excess and obsolete inventory.

Leveraging the reverse supply chain can help you recover value from your excess  and obsolete inventory.

Common in the high-tech field, excess inventory and obsolete inventory can rapidly lose recovery value the longer the material remains underutilized. With market fluctuations, as well as new technology being introduced, the velocity of turning excess inventory into recovered value becomes a time sensitive venture. 

CNE’s reverse supply chain solutions offer customers flexible processes to help reduce costs, increase returns and drive overall revenue – all within a full suite of solutions that are competitive, sustainable and scalable in virtually any environment or geography.

Flexible Business Solutions
Whether you are looking to turn excess inventory, customer returns, obsolete inventory or defective product quickly, CNE can design and implement a customized solution that will maximize value recovery and velocity while adhering to all global environmental compliance standards.

Depending upon your specific needs, CNE can implement flexible excess inventory and obsolete inventory solutions through:

  • Outright Purchase: CNE purchases your excess inventory or obsolete inventory (single line or entire lot) and remarkets through our e-commerce and global sales channels.
  • Shared Revenue: With upfront market analysis and guaranteed minimum value recovery, CNE partners with your organization to provide an excess inventory management program that takes “consignment” of your excess inventory. Materials are then remarketed through our e-commerce and global sales channels, with proceeds returned through a mutually agreed upon shared revenue program.
  • Custom programs: Designed to meet your unique excess and obsolete inventory management needs and market conditions. Custom programs can include: testing of product, data erasure, repackaging, and tearing down finished goods into core commodities for greater value recovery.

CNE specializes in commodity trade. We carefully track existing sales trade and demand data from multiple outlets around the world to provide our clients with business and market intelligence to better management their excess and obsolete inventory. This data allows customers to make informed decisions on the right time to move their E&O inventory.

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Excess Inventory Value Recovery

Excess Inventory Value Recovery