In our world, no technology components are ever sent to a landfill, and our unmatched ability to extract maximum value from used hard disk drives and other IT equipment lets us help those improving the planet by bringing clean drinking water to those in need.

Zero Landfill Policy

Lots of ITAD companies talk about their commitment to the environment, but what does having a “zero landfill” policy really mean?

To us, safeguarding the planet and keeping electronic waste out of landfills is as much a guiding philosophy as it is a policy. Every piece of every electronic gear that comes into our possession is either sold for reuse or recycled at R2 and ISO 14001-compliant facilities. Period. No landfills ever.

In the U.S. alone, some 3.4 million tons of electronic waste is generated every year. Despite rising public awareness, only about 29 percent of that e-waste is being properly recycled. The rest is being trashed and buried where it will continue to adversely impact the environment for generations to come.

When you choose CNE, you’ll be working with a partner committed to doing its part to address this critical gap by aggressively finding new homes and alternative uses for excess and used technology components. That’s our policy and our philosophy.

Drives for Water

We’re passionate about contributing a portion of our profits to help fight cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery, parasites and other life-threatening maladies by supporting global clean water efforts.

Our Drives for Water effort is administered by Charity: Water, a respected and highly rated non-profit agency working in 22 developing countries to bring clean water to those in need. Charity: Water gets a perfect four-star rating from watchdog Charity Navigator for using 100 percent of public donations to directly fund clean water projects.

At CNE, we feel a responsibility to help those less fortunate than us. Contaminated water is the No. 1 cause of death in developing countries and is to blame for 80 percent of all diseases in the developing world. With the help of our valued customers and partners, we’re committed to making a difference in the regions and communities we serve.