About CNE Direct 

CNE helps the world’s leading organizations capture value at each stage of the technology lifecycle, generating over $100 million in annual revenue and helping our partners deliver on ESG commitments.

About CNE


Quality is important to us and is the reason why our product receive a premium in the market. We are known for high quality standards. Our team believes in being hands on and transparent.  We don’t hide behind titles or job roles and everyone pitches in to make sure our customers are taken care of. When you choose to do business with CNE, you know that you are getting the most experienced team in the industry and you have a culture of people ready to roll up their sleeves and solve your problem. We are a part of your team and at CNE we never let our team down.

Culture of Excellence 

How you define your culture internally and how you conduct your day-to-day impacts the client experience. There is no faking culture. At CNE, we take pride in our culture. We are truly a global brand. 100% of our offices are staffed by CNE employees, not joint venture partners. We have a high standard of excellence in our work throughout the world.

Solutions Focus 

Our customers deserve proactive insight on how to improve their business. We take a very personal approach to keep our customers informed through market data and business trends to help our customers make the right decisions for their business. We have the unique ability to see many global markets, many commodities, and many business trends both up and down stream. We take this opportunity to help our customers make the best decisions for their business and their customers.

Trusted Advisor 

To be a trusted advisor in CNE culture means a couple of things. One must be realistic, collaborative, innovative and above all else transparent with your partner. Furthermore, in this day and age when everyone has so much on their plate, a trusted advisor cannot be merely reactive to the customer needs; you need to be able to look down the road and leverage your experience to be prescriptive.

CNE builds deep relationships with our partners through superior performance, integrity, and transparency.

Our History

Our Founder

Paul Knight - Founder of CNE Direct

Paul Knight founded CNE Direct in 2002 with a vision to help develop a robust marketplace for retired IT assets- providing a “second life” for technology hardware that was often disposed of in an environmentally harmful manner. Paul had an extensive history of working with some of the world’s largest technology manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sony and Samsung helping to create channels for the distribution of excess and obsolete hardware components- and sought to help them in new ways. Over the last 20 years, Paul has built a highly skilled team of industry veterans and talented newcomers to build a sales, processing and distribution system that covers the globe.