What We Do

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We’re asset value recovery specialists focused on making the environmentally responsible disposition and purchase of high-quality used and surplus technology goods more secure, less complex and more beneficial for all partners. 

Our superior ability to rehabilitate IT storage media and our reputation as a trusted supplier to distributors around the world translate to maximum investment recovery for OEMs and ODMs, component makers, service providers, enterprise IT organizations, carriers, content providers and other ITAD partners.

We Ensure that Your Data is Secure

Every step of our process is purpose-built to protect the security of your data and the integrity of your brand. We handle all phases of the ITAD process. Your equipment is never out of our control as it moves through our secure facility for analysis and refurbishing or recycling. Every storage drive we handle is wiped of all data to exacting NIST 800-88 standards or physically destroyed in our on-site shredding area. To learn more about our secure process, go to our Process page.

We Guarantee Maximum Value for Your IT Assets on a Global Scale

We are experts in storage media value recovery. We bridge the gap between sellers of used and surplus IT storage assets and buyers of high-quality refurbished technology components. Our trusted processes, combined with our uncompromising standards, get you the highest value for your assets while protecting your brand. And our international reach and deep relationships allow us to connect sellers and buyers on a global scale. To learn more about our global capabilities, go to our Global Distribution page.

We Are Committed to the Environment

Our Zero Landfill policy guarantees that every piece of IT equipment entrusted to us is either sold for reuse or safely destroyed and recycled at R2 and ISO 14001-compliant facilities in our area. We’re committed to meeting or exceeding even the most stringent environmental requirements, with our team of experts constantly monitoring global and regional legislation. To learn more about our Zero Landfill policy, go to our Corporate Responsibility page. 

Working with CNE

When you choose CNE, you’ll be working with a partner that is committed to doing its part to protect your reputation and the earth we all share. Our commitment to security, quality and the environment guarantee you maximum value from your IT assets without the risk and uncertainty.

Interested in working with CNE? Contact our team of experts for more information about getting maximum value out of your used and surplus IT storage assets.